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Our Facility

Our Mission

At North-Aire we pride ourselves in honest customer service.

You don’t like fine print, and neither do we.

Our Fleet

Our fleet is composed of the entire Cessna family, from single engine to multiengine through complex.

Our Location

North-Aire was established in 1973 to provide quality flight training in the Prescott area in Northern Arizona. We've built a reputation around the world based on cost effective, quality flight training.


See what a few satisfied students have to say about their experience at North Aire.

Why Fly?

Pilot Salary

Future aviators often ask us how much they should expect to get paid upon graduation.

The answer is not as simple as a single number and it will usually sound like this: “it depends”!

Pilot Shortage

Much has been said over the last few years about pilot shortage. Is there a pilot shortage? Is it finally going to happen? What does it mean to aspiring pilots?


Ground preparation and in-air training for the Airplane Operations concentration is conducted at the North-Aire Aviation flight training center.

Area Studies and other General Education requirements are taught at Yavapai College facilities.

Cost of Flight Training

While cost is extremely important, ensuring you receive the best training for your money is primordial.

Flight School

Part 61 or Part 141

Learning the difference between a Part 61 and a Part 141 could save you time and money in the long run.

Private Pilot Training

The Private Pilot certificate is your key to aviation freedom. Time to join the elite club and earn your wings!

Instrument Rating

You're going to need this if you want to fly in conditions that may prevent you from relying on your eyes.

Commercial Pilot Training

The Commercial Pilot Certificate course is your ticket to what every pilot wants: get paid to fly airplanes!

Certified Instructor Training

Become a certified instructor in single engine, instrument, and multi-engine.

Accelerated Classes

North-Aire Aviation is your premier accelerated Arizona Flight School for international and domestic flight students.

Flight Simulator

North-Aire has state of the art simulation to accelerate your training, while keeping the costs low.


Aircraft Rental

From Prescott, you will enjoy the convenience of flying to places likes Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas or anywhere else you want!

FAA Testing

We help pilots make their training official by offering FAA Pilot testing, FAA License Conversion and Unmanned Aircraft knowledge Testing.

Discovery Flights

If you’re still unsure that the freedom of flying is for you, then do yourself a favor and stop by for a 1/2 hour Discovery Flight.