State Wrestling Champ Pursues Aviation Career

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Wrestling Medals Gary Medevielle
Wrestling Medals Gary Medevielle

Gary Medevielle, a Chino Valley AZ high school senior and an operations controller at North-Aire Aviation in Prescott AZ, sports his 2016 championship medals for wrestling.

75 Percent Rule: Goals in Heart Pin Wins

Two educational passions motivate Chino Valley AZ High School Senior Gary Medevielle.  One of those inspirations is competitive wresting and the other is aviation.  His determination has produced success in both, as this state wrestling champ pursues aviation career path.  Medevielle scored big in wrestling during February 2016 at the Prescott Valley AZ Event Center.  That’s when and where he earned his first Arizona state high school wrestling championship.  Employed on weekends as an operations controller at North-Aire Aviation, Medevielle also has ensured that his aviation dreams take flight.  He first began working with the flight school as an intern in the summer of 2015.  Meanwhile, he also is enrolled in the Mountain Institute Joint Technical Education District (MIJTED) aviation program for area high school students.  Next up, he plans to join the military, become an air traffic controller, and later pilot airplanes and helicopters.

State Wrestling Championship

Chino Valley High School’s wrestling team finished in second place at the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s (AIA) Division III State Tournament on Saturday, 13 February 2016.  During that competition, 10 state-qualifying wrestlers from the school challenged opponents from throughout the state for medals.  Medevielle and four other Chino Valley High School wrestlers earned them.  Second-seeded in the 160-pound weight category, Medevielle pinned third-seeded Amphitheater High School Senior Rafael Paredes in 2:48 in the semis.  To win his first state title, Medevielle defeated fourth-seeded Coolidge junior Jesus Zamorano, 3-0.

“This year, I had my heart and mind set,” Medevielle shared with The (Prescott) Daily Courier about capturing the championship. “Seventy-five percent of the battle is inside. If you don’t have it in your heart, you’re not going to get it.”

Medevielle began wrestling in fourth grade, after brothers Tomas and John took up the sport in high school.  From there, he said, he “just kept going.” His wrestling achievements also include: the Wickenburg AZ championship, two sectional AZ championships, and an overall 2016 season record of 55 wins and 3 losses.

He plans to “stop by the high school wrestling room every once in a while just to practice with them,” he noted.  “I’d like to work with the younger wrestlers and help get them ready for the upcoming season.”

Focus on Aviation Studies

“For my aviation goals, I wish to become an air traffic controller and earn my private and instrument licenses for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft,” Medevielle shared. “I have not made many plans for post high school graduation, besides joining the military and spending more time with my loved ones.”

Dedication of heart and mind no doubt will ensure that Medevielle also commands success in accomplishing those goals.