Student Services

North-Aire Aviation offers a wide range of student services to make your flight training more efficient and your time with us most enjoyable.  Embarking on a new venture away from familiar faces and known places can be challenging and stressful.  For that reason, we work especially hard to share with you with the feeling of home.

Affectionately named “Everybody’s Hometown,” Prescott, AZ promises quality living with a laid-back Western heritage and spontaneous zeal for life.  We echo that enthusiasm while reaching for the skies at our modern North-Aire Aviation campus located at Prescott Regional Airport (PRC).

Our friendly staff, solid flight instruction, and personalized approach attract students from around the globe to cost-effectively earn their pilot license, certifications, and ratings.  Our entire team works diligently to exceed your expectations for flight training as you pursue your goals as an aviator.  Whether you are career-focused or seeking a pilot license for recreational flying, you will be helped to feel at home within our educational walls and in our sunny skies.

Our Student Services Include:

  • Airport pickup when you arrive to begin your studies
  • Local FAA medical examiners
  • Housing guidance and assistance
  • Processing of your Transportation Security Administration application
  • On-site Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) testing facilities
  • Visa extensions
  • New I-20’s

Whatever your individual educational need and pilot dream, our Student Services team awaits your call, email or site visit.

Navigating Your Way Around Prescott, AZ

Prescott, AZ and the surrounding Quad Cities area represent a lifestyle advantage for many students — such as you — who have chosen North-Aire Aviation Flight Training and an accompanying relocation short-term or longer.

While you will be very busy with your studies and flying, the area offers many student-oriented and family services, amenities and entertainment.  Helping you adapt quickly to your educational track and our local surroundings is among our top goals.

The North-Aire Aviation Prescott Services and Amenities Resource Guide is one place to start your research about the area and how to set up a household here.  The Resource Guide includes emergency, utility and community services, along with lodging opportunities.

Please be aware that your search for a place to live should occur as soon as practicable, since rentals fill up quickly.  You also might like to know that utility companies (water, gas, electric, cable) often require a deposit upon opening an account.  The amount of deposit and requirements for service vary by company.

Contact us directly if you have questions about our Student Services offerings and the local area.

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