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Aviation Scholarship Finder – Scholarships for pilots

North-Aire’s Aviation Scholarship Finder lists available outside scholarships.

The most common scholarships may be classified as:

  • Merit-based: These awards are based on a student’s academic, artistic, athletic or other abilities, and often factor in an applicant’s extracurricular activities and community service record.
  • Need-based: Some private need-based awards are confusingly called scholarships, and require the results of a FAFSA (the family’s EFC).
  • Student-specific: These are scholarships for which applicants must initially qualify based upon gender, race, religion, family and medical history, or many other student-specific factors.
  • Career-specific: These are scholarships a college or university awards to students who plan to pursue a specific field of study. Often, the most generous awards to students who pursue careers in high-need areas such as education or nursing.
  • College-specific: College-specific scholarships are offered by individual colleges and universities to highly qualified applicants. These scholarships are given on the basis of academic and personal achievement.
  • Athletic: Awarded to students with exceptional skill in a sport.
  • Brand Scholarships: These scholarships are sponsored by a brand that is trying to gain attention to their brand, or a cause. Sometimes these scholarships are referred to as branded scholarships.
  • Creative Contest Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students based on a creative submission.

To sort the list, click on the up or down arrow in the heading of the column by which you want to sort.

Scholarship Name Field of Study GPA Application Deadline Max Award
MUST Scholarship Program Science (physical), technology, engineering or mathematics 3.0 N/A $10,000.00
National Debt Relief Scholarship Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math N/A N/A $41,000.00
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship All Students N/A Fri., Jun. 10, 2016 $1,000.00
Bella Bathrooms Scholarship Any None Fri., Sep. 30, 2016 $1,000.00
Ark Law Group Fresh Start Scholarship Any None Sun., Jul. 31, 2016 $1,000.00
Summit Disability Law Group Scholarship Any 3.5 Mon., Aug. 1, 2016 $1,000.00
National Federation of Republican Women Scholarhips Any None Wed., Jun. 1, 2016 $2,500.00
DYLN Inspired Any None Fri., Jul. 1, 2016 $2,500.00
CANDERE SCHOLARSHIP Any None Fri., Dec. 30, 2016 $350.00
Vi-Tae Scholarship Any None Fri., Dec. 30, 2016 $1,000.00
2016 Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship Any None N/A $5000.00
Walk-In Tub Review Scholarship Any None N/A $1,000.00
Aftermath Scholarship Any None N/A $1,000.00
Grapevine Evaluations Scholarship Any 3.0 N/A $1,000.00
The Big Apple Adventure Scholarship Any None Sun., May 15, 2016 $1,000,00
Reservation Counter Scholarship Any None Fri., Apr. 15, 2016 $1,500.00
Tungsten Rings & Co. Scholarship Any None N/A $1,000.00
MyBiosource S.T.E.M major, or other major 3.0 Tue., May 31, 2016 $1,000.00
Cox Because We Care Scholarship Any 2.5 N/A $1,000.00
LM Scholarship Program Any 3.0 Tue., May 31, 2016 $1,000.00

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