flight videos

Flight Videos

You want to be a pilot but you aren’t sure what it might look like. Watch those flight videos and see why you should become a pilot!

Here at North-Aire Flight Training in Northern Arizona, we’re up in the air all the time. Our team of certified flight instructors are out flying every day and from time to time we’re able to put flight videos together to give people an idea of what flight training is all about.

We train aviators, others train just to pass a test!

If you’re looking to fly for the first time, or to expand your flight skills, North-Aire can help you achieve your goals. Whether Private Pilot’s License, Commercial License, Instrument Rating, and Flight Instructor Certification. We can help you with all of these goals. We also offer aircraft rental, discovery flights, and aircraft maintenance for your piston or turbine aircraft.

Located in beautiful Northern-Arizona, your training will take you to places such as the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, California, Phoenix and many other great places. You will experience the thrill of flying, something only 1% of the population ever gets to experience! You will learn about slow flight, steep turns, stalls, aircraft systems, airspace, weather, and learn how to plan a cross-country to an other airport. Upon completion of your training, you will be able to fly with your friends, parents, or significant other!

Flight videos from North-Aire Aviation are your ticket to experience flying from your laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Our in-flight videos capture the thrill of learning to fly. So, go ahead, enjoy the videos and when you’re convinced, get in touch with us to start your career in aviation!

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