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Our Fleet

The entire Cessna Family

Our fleet is composed of the entire Cessna family, from single engine to multiengine through complex. If you are looking for a Cessna for rent, our entire fleet is available.

The Cessna 172 is the general aviation workhorse and the world’s most popular platform for flight training. With a great ratio of performance/cost, it is a great way to learn how to fly. If you are a renter, the Cessna 172 will take you and your loved ones on your next vacation or getaway. Our fleet is composed of a mix of traditional round-dial and Garmin G-1000 glass cockpits.

The Cessna 182RG provides the power required by high-altitude flying from Prescott. The retractable landing gear and constant speed propeller make it a perfect candidate for high-performance and complex training. As a rental, it offers extra speed to get you to destination quicker. The perfect Cessna for rent!

Anyone who has flown a Cessna 310 will tell you how much fun it is. If power and speed don’t scare you, this twin-engine will take you to the next level, providing the safety and comfort of an additional engine, all while soaring through the skies. Receiving your multiengine rating in a Cessna 310 guarantees that you will be able to manage faster more technical aircraft later in your career.

Cessna 172

Cessna 182

Cessna 310

Cessna for Rent!

Our entire fleet is available for rent. After a simple rental checkout, you could be on your way to explore areas such as Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Las Vegas or California!

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Flight Simulator

North-Aire has state of the art simulation to accelerate your training, while keeping the costs low. With the new advances in simulation, you can now practice every conceivable scenario, safely in a simulator.

The North-Aire rental rate is $70 an hour with an instructor rate of $60 an hour.

North-Aire uses Redbird Flight Simulators which has quickly become the fastest growing and most innovative simulator provider in the industry.

Currently North-Aire utilizes the Redbird LD model flight simulator which is FAA certified as an Advanced Aviation Training Device.

  • +200° wrap-around visuals
  • Ergonomically correct design
  • User defined missions database
  • Unique pilot key system
  • Portable instructor’s panel software
  • Quick-change cockpit configurations
    • Single-engine aircraft (Cessna 172)
    • Traditional cockpit
  • Complete terrain and airport database
  • FAA Certified AATD