Looking the best flight school in the USA?

If you are looking for the best flight school in the USA, look no further! North-Aire was established in 1973 to provide quality flight training in the Prescott area in Northern Arizona. North-Aire has built a reputation around the world based on cost effective, quality flight training. We provide students with focused programs geared to training them to the highest level of excellence, while preparing them to enter the workforce as a professional aviator. Our curriculum trains our students for the real world by focusing on scenario based flight training. Scenario based flight training has proven to create safer more competent pilots by presenting the student with realistic problems to which they must navigate through. This method allows the student to think critically in the current environment the are in and apply what they have learned to future scenarios outside the training environment.

Professional Pilot Track

Become a professional pilot with our accelerated program. Private through Commercial available with the best flight school.

Degree Program

Receive an Associates or Bachelors degree while learning to fly. All of this is possible with our partner college and universities.

Aircraft Rental

Take your friends and family flying by renting one of our airplane. Competitive rates and beautiful locations to visit all around the USA.

North-Aire is based at Ernest A. Love field in Prescott, Arizona, which is a tower controlled, multiple runway airport. Flight training in Prescott offers unique real world experience with a wide variety of airspace and terrains that will allow students to amass a large amount of experience. Our students also receive the benefit of training at an airfield that is a mile high which allows them to train at high density altitude and learn mountain flying. Prescott enjoys over 340 flyable days per year!

Prescott is a nexus of premier flight training! Prescott is the base of the best flight training in the USA, and the best training globally! Located on field are: Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University, Universal Helicopters, Guidance Aviation, as well as North-Aire Aviation.

North-Aire is committed to remaining the best flight school, provide quality training while keeping in mind that cost is a major factor. North-Aire has taken many steps in order to control flight training costs:

  • North-Aire has its own fuel farm
  • North-Aire has it own maintenance facility to provide quality on demand maintenance
  • North-Aire hours of operation are vastly different than other flight schools allowing greater flexibility.

North-Aire also offers on site FAA computer testing with Laser Grade, which gives the ability to conduct all FAA knowledge tests on premises.

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